Dr. Jose DeAnda

Therapy can be a completely different experience depending on the people involved.  My style of therapy involves getting to know my client and helping them use their strengths to improve their life.  Often client's overlook their own strengths while identifying with their diagnosis, failings, or past.  I am often amazed at the strength and resilience of individuals and look forward to helping them find it within themselves.  In therapy the relationships between the clinician and client is the primary element toward improvement.  I work hard to keep the relationship strong and growing.


I enjoy individual therapy and assessment the most.  I often integrate cognitive/behavioral techniques to assist in alleviating symptoms, but hold that there are often underlying reasons for the symptoms that are better addressed than not. I have a diverse individual background and enjoy working with all forms of diversity.


In addition to my experience with a wide variety of therapy clients, I have extensive educational and psychological assessment experience.  Educational difficulties may stem from learning disabilities, ADHD, or psychological concerns.  Too often formulaic interpretation of test results leaves those most in need of help from getting assistance.